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Salty Aura X Gypsea Co

Salty Aura X Gypsea Co


June 20th - 24th 2024


Are you ready to immerse yourself in the raw nature of Exmouth?

Escape winter to the beautiful warm water and sunny days on the Ningaloo Reef.


Join us to relax, have fun, develop self-growth & inner transformation through surfing, yoga, meditation, creativity & connection to self and others.

You will connect with like-minded women and disconnect from your daily routine.

Have you ever wanted to experience surfing with friendly waves, 

turquoise bright blue water & supportive women around you?

We are here for you!

What is included

  • Luxury accomodation in Exmouth, WA 4 nights, 5 days. 

  • 2 Surfing lessons for beginners run by ASI qualified instructors with 
    Exmouth Surf Centre. Incl. surfboard hire and rash shirts.

  • 2 Surf education sessions - water safety, forecast reading, technique feedback

  • Creative & Inspiring wokrshops with Jade from Salty Aura

  • Salty Aura Grazing Sunset Picnic 

  • Surf inspired vinyasa and restorative yoga flows

  • Breathwork - pranayama practices

  • Yoga philosophy & Inquiry of life

  • Down time to create, read and slow down

  • Guided Meditations

  • Catered meals - vegan and gluten free

  • Connection with beautiful, like-minded sisters

  • Optional activities in town (extra fees apply)




Is this retreat for you?:

  • Exmouth is a small coastal town, meaning raw and rugged coastline! Due to Exmouth being a rural off-grid destination accomodation & facilities are limited. We find our girls the most beautiful home that Exmouth can offer where the girls will experience shared accomodation. Sleeping arrangements range from single beds to shared queens. 

What is not included:

  • Transport from Perth to Exmouth

  • Transport to Surf Lessons (We organise car pooling during our retreats)

Getting here

Flying to Learmonth or 

drive to Exmouth (roughly 1250km)​


Do you have your own accomdoation or are a local in town? Email us at 

  • T & C's

    Please read our terms & conditions at the bottom of the site before purchasing.  

  • Freedive Immersion Day with Liv For The Sea

    An introduction to the wonderful world of freediving. A day to explore the depths of a sport that will inspire you and invigorate your soul! Freediving is for everyone, we are built to survive on a single breath when submerged, we have come from the sea. You don’t need to be a professional swimmer, you don’t need to have huge lungs, you simply need the will to challenge!

    Learning to freedive is so much more than understanding a new sport, it’s the exploration of one’s mind and body when you allow yourself to surrender to the sea. This introductory freedive day is a space for you to experiment. A place to truly challenge those voices in your head. To prove to yourself that you can. From the very basics that you’ll learn, you will not only come away with a totally new insight into yourself but your relationship with water and the ocean changes forever.

    What will the day entail;
    Introduction to Freediving Theory

    • What is freediving?

    • Freedive disciplines

    • The Breath

    • Role of O2 and CO2 in the body

    • Hyperventilation

    • Blackout

    • Buddy Team

    • Equalization

    • Mammalian Dive Response

    • The Breathing Cycle

    Practical Dry Exercises

    - Relaxation

    - Equalization

    - Breath awareness

    - Breath holding

    Pool session 

    • Dynamic Apnea with Fins

    • Dynamic Apnea without Fins

    About Liv;

    Liv is a young ocean enthusiast, Environmental Science graduate, freedive instructor, scuba instructor, surfer and lover of all things from the sea. At thirty years she has spent most of her young adult life exploring and working on the ocean. Following her passion to protect our marine environment, Liv endeavors to inspire others to fall in love and connect back with this blue element where all life was born and where we as mammals naturally adapt. Liv will help you push your boundaries, become comfortable in the ocean and teach you how to be part of its protection.

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